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Communication with your therapist
A trusting open relationship with your therapist is essential to receive the full benefits of massage therapy.  Your therapist should go over your intake information which is kept confidential.  Your therapist should be made aware of any past, current medical conditions, medications including OTC, allergies, and any past trauma or surgeries.  Your therapist needs to understand this important information so the he/she can be aware of any contrindications for massage.  If you are pregnant, cancer patient, just had surgery or anything along this line you should have a doctors release prior to your service.  This release assures you and your therapist that it is safe for you to receive a massage and should list any contridications that your doctor may have.  Massage therapy should never be used in place of medical treatment or advice.  Another important note is that you have the right to end the massage if you feel uncomfortable for any reason with no questions asked.  During your massage you should able to express if the pressure is to light or too hard, this is important so that you have the best experience and outcome.  Also please remember harder pressure does not always create the balance you may need, it may do your muscles harm.  I hope this bit of information helps you build a trusting relationship with your licensed massage therapist.

Drinking H2O    
Our bodies are made up over 70% water.  After a massage water helps move out the toxins released by your muscles during the massage via your urine.  If you do not drink water you will be sore and achy due to the toxins settling into your muscles.  

Stretching on a regular basis meaning several times daily helps your massage effects last longer.  Afterall you just spent money on yourself so why would you not want to continue maintainance and make it a part of your daily lifestyle.  I recommend stretching before your feet hit the floor in the morning, several times during the day and before bed.  

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